The Coolest Technologies And Gadgets In The Market

In the last couple of decades, the personal technology market has suddenly exploded with a distinct segment of advanced gadgets. These gadgets use existing technologies and create quite interesting use cases for them. So here are a few of those cool new things which are going on in the Technology market at this time.

It has existed for quite a while now but it was Apple who unexpectedly came out with the multi-touch iPhone. Their announcement was quite daring – a smartphone with just one physical button. This ignited a revolution in the marketplace and we are now reaping the benefits in the shape of multiple touchscreen-based mobile devices.

You will find touchscreen PMPs, touchscreen tablets/slates and of course – the newest generation touchscreen phones and their various mobile OS. For a good deal of people, life without letting people know where they had their coffee would feel incomplete. With geolocation built right on to your phone, it’s simple to do that.

These are largely mobile processors like those created by ARM (e.g. Cortex A9) that operate the modern-day handheld devices. They operate at amazing speeds that touch 1Ghz and have multiple cores. These are the CPU’s that have made sure that we can attain futuristic ideas at this time.

The quantity of power that we are now able to fit in the palm of our hands is remarkable. This ensures that all the other mini technologies have access to sufficient processing power to do good things. This technology has also existed for quite a while now but only recently has it developed enough to makes its way into really cool gadgets.

We now have solar chargers for our mobile phones. However, the best solar panel I have seen so far is one that’s foldable like fabric and charges your notebook in bright sunlight. This engine, together with a mini LCoS engine caused the pico projector revolution. Now projectors can be small enough to fit inside your phone, digital camera and much more.

And even though they aren’t very bright now, that’s changing fast. The thinnest so much are speakers made from cloth. Yes, Yamaha has made fabric speakers which are just 1′ millimeter’ thin. It’s thin enough to be wrapped up and hauled. And if you print on it, then it is going to look like any other bit of printed cloth. However, it can emit a sound that may be heard when standing right in front of it.