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Our Impact

The VGH Thrift Store has a valued and longstanding relationship with VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. It has contributed to the Foundation’s goal of supporting healthcare in British Columbia for over eight years.

Last year, Thrift Store proceeds helped fund renovations to the patient and family lounge in VGH Psychiatry’s Brief Intervention Unit, which is located in the Health Centre on West 12th Avenue.

Brief Intervention Unit

Chances are great that at some point in our lifetimes, each and every one of us, either personally or through a family member or friend, will be impacted by mental illness or addiction.

The statistics are simply staggering. In just two short years, it is predicted that mental illness will become the single leading cause of disability around the world. Still, despite its prevalence, mental health does not always attract the same level of support as other areas of health care. And this is why the Thrift Shop decided to help refurbish the Brief Intervention Unit (BIU) at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH).

The donation has helped ensure treatment is provided in a respectful environment that promotes and encourages healing.

The donation allowed the renovation of the main patient/family lounge – easily the most widely used room on the unit with as many as 16 people in there at a time. Funding was used to paint the room, replace the furniture and add a new, wall-mounted television. It is worth noting that the television is important, not just for entertainment purposes, but also to help patients stay connected to the outside world through news and other educational programs.

Best of Health Fund

The Thrift Store has also made important contributions to the Foundation’s Best of Health Fund. The Best of Health Fund is a critical resource that helps enhance adult health care in BC. Monies from the fund are directed towards our medical facilities’ most urgently required equipment and most promising initiatives.

Following are a few examples of recently funded needs thanks to donors like the VGH Thrift Store:

Apheresis Machines

Apheresis therapy is used extensively in the Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program. These “cell separator” machines isolate key constituents from donor blood so they can be safely administered to the recipient.

Intraoperative Ultrasound

This imaging technology helps guide surgeons during cancer operations – allowing them to accurately remove tumours and take biopsies.

Anesthesia Machine and Monitor

Anaesthesia machines deliver precisely the right amount of anaesthetizing and life-sustaining gases to patients in surgery. Without them, our surgeons and other specialists would be unable to provide life-changing treatment for their patients, whose lives depend on the skills of anaesthesiologists to safeguard their vital signs.

Thanks to the donations like ours medical experts at VGH and UBC Hospital have the tools they need to diagnose and treat patients from across the province with some of the most complex, serious and life threatening diseases and conditions.