Lifestyle Blogging For Money

Let’s get real here… If you wish to journal your life, blogging is a terrific way to share this with family and friends. And it’s a great way to communicate from the other side of Earth. I commend you for writing house, posting pictures, and discussing what is happening in your own life on your blog.

I read several of these, and appreciate every single one of these! But what about making some serious money from all that blogging? Here is the deal… You can make money blogging your own passions, but you STILL have to SELL something. Unless you are hot enough to earn some serious bucks via donation, then you are going to have to put something on this candy site of yours available.

Because that is the way you make money. Lifestyle blogging for money is certainly a viable thing, so let us venture into that idea. John Chow talks about earning money on his website, and that is basically what his blog is all about. He tells people how to earn money, and sells products that show to his people how they can earn money too.

He shares information about the way he makes money online. Joel Comm shares his life on the site, various activities, places where he speaks (for cash ) and sells his books. He is a prolific writer and writes for other publications in addition to his own blog.

He does not really have a market, but he definitely has a market. He plays in all of the playgrounds, but he markets details about how to drive traffic, build a following, and connect with other folks. Ryan Biddulph talks about life on the shores, articles his eBooks, and shares details of his life house-sitting across the world. But he writes books using images from his existing locations as the covers. Krystine Kercher writes about lifestyle hacks, health tips, and being the mother of a teenaged girl.

She shares thoughts about writing, her views on the world stage, and stories about her own fiction fantasy novels. And she sells her creations through Zazzle and her books on Amazon. She is a creative author and will edit or write your publication if you want her to, plus an assortment of other services. The essential point here is that each one of these incredible bloggers keeps up with an audience based on their particular lifestyle pursuits and passions, while fascination interesting folks who