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7 Unusual Health Practices

Leech Therapy: This “treatment” uses leeches to treat various medical conditions. Lots of folks feel that medicinal leeches can suck bad blood and allow a quicker recovery. We don’t understand that but what we do know is true of a 42-year old girl who got painful lesions on her toes because of medicinal leeches.

This is regarded as a rare circumstance, but it is true nonetheless. Cow Urine: You might find it tough to believe, but cow urine is absorbed by a lot of people. There have been news reports that some groups are attempting to launch cow urine as a soft drink. believe that drinking cow urine may keep them healthy and treat several diseases.

A significant cultural group has developed”cow water” from cow urine. Let’s see if this turns out to be a success! This health practice doesn’t just sting, but could also prove to be deadly if you are allergic to bee venom. Even though it does not involve swarms of angry bees, the way is weird nonetheless.

In this procedure, therapists would employ venom to some particular points of the body to treat diseases like arthritis, herpes, and breast cancer. It’s fairly well known in and there are lots of men and women who actually find regular bee venom sessions.

Tapeworm Diet: If your health idea entails sharing your meals with a parasite, you have more guts than we do. From the tapeworm diet, you consume a whole lot of tapeworm pills and keep thin as they eat away your semi-digested food. And as soon as you’re delighted with the outcome, you can eliminate your friend.

This practice is obviously dangerous and soon faded away as the FDA interfered. Ice Cube Diet: Many people today feel that chewing on ice cubes can help them lose weight. But we feel like no matter how eloquent and cool the ice is, eating it can cause many dental issues.

If you would like to maintain your teeth for long, we would suggest against chewing ice cubes. Breatharianism: So it turns out that we really DON’T need food to live when we”breathe ” It seems really, really incredible, but a few people did believe in it.

You’d think that this practice would become very famous because it is inexpensive and doesn’t require any special equipment, but a few breatharians starved while some were captured red-handed Ionized Jewelry: This was supposed to be a breakthrough in science, as many brands (primarily Q-Ray) launched ionized bracelets as pain-relieving products.

They promised that consumers would get greater balance, performance, and energy. And when analyzed, Q-Ray products turned out to be not ionized, so they had been ordered by the court to return $16 million for their clients as a refund.